Introducing Informed Consent Builder

The easier way to build, manage and generate
compliant informed consent forms.


Simplify the process for research teams to generate complete, compliant research consent forms

While creating and generating forms is not an easy task, it can be easier.  Research teams can draft, save, generate and download consent forms all in one place.

  • Have changes? Pull up the form and start where you left off.
  • Need to clone a form from a prior study?  Done with one click.

From clear template choices to the ability to collaborate online with the IRB and other team members to the clean interface, users have everything they need to generate compliant consent forms easier than ever before.


Streamline the process – avoid delays and unnecessary rounds of consent form review

Clear form template selection, embedded IRB and regulatory-compliant verbiage, and built-in completion checks ensure that investigators and/or coordinators will do a better job of generating consent forms that will require less changes by the IRB.


Build templates that include all consent elements and verbiage that regulations require

Informed Consent Builder provides IRBs with helpful tools to help investigators and coordinators generate more compliant consent forms:

  • Locked sections user cannot change to avoid inadvertent changes or deletions
  • Sample text set by the IRB for sections users can edit
  • Section guidance and instructions included in online tool tips users can refer to anytime.


Easily build and edit research consent or assent form templates – even institution or site-specific forms

With Informed Consent Builder IRBs can easily build and change informed consent forms, assent forms and parental consent forms.  Already have templates?  We’ll quickly convert them into templates in Informed Consent Builder. Don’t have your own templates? Start with one of our standard templates and customize to your requirements.

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