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A protocol-writing platform that’s super-efficient—like you.

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Manage and track Investigator progress

Track your investigator’s protocol development progress with our different tracking tools:

  • Protocol Dashboard – at a glance completion

  • Section status indicators

Maintain template control

Drive the entire process with a single template for all investigators for the type of study you are running. Or create your own custom template.

  • 16 standard templates

  • Easy, quick template customization

Full template listing pdf

Collaborate directly with Investigators

Help investigators progress with comment or edits directly in the protocol online.

  • Editing and commenting tools

  • Automated alerts

  • Needs review worklist

A user-friendly protocol-writing tool

Users prefer Protocol Builder over Word by 4:1 and give it high marks for usability.

  • Drives 100% completion rate saving time in IRB review

  • Saves time for investigator and support staff at institutions

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