Biotech Solution

Better control. Faster results.

A protocol-writing platform that’s super-efficient—like you.

Automatic formating and reformatting

Protocol Builder changes the way protocols are built by eliminating time-consuming tasks. New content additions are automatically formatted and references, footnotes, appendices and tables are numbered for you.

Speedy collaboration

Protocol Builder was designed to speed up collaboration. We ensure that the entire team is always be working on the same version of the protocol. And then we make it easy to share, notify and review changes.

Increased transparency

Spend less time figuring out who did what and when, and where you are with your protocols. You wil have an audit trail of all changes and a dashboard that will tell you exactly how much progress has been made on the protocol.

Create a better process

Control how your process works and exactly how all protocols should be written by setting your own template. With 24/7 availability in the cloud, you will now have everything to get to clinical trials in record time.

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