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Time Saving Features

Carefully designed features help improve the quality and consistency of clinical research protocols to make internal and IRB review processes more efficient.

Automatic Set Up
Enter basic information and appropriate sections are set up automatically or duplicate an existing protocol to repurpose. Get help determining the type of study and whether or not you need an IND or IDE application.
Advanced Editing Tools
Insert references, tables, appendices, abbreviations and glossary terms easily as you write. Those sections are then set up automatically at the end of the document.
Contents Menu
Go step-by-step through the writing process or use the menu to navigate to any section. Switch to the preview mode to read through it more easily.
Expert Guidance
See simple instructions and get relevant tips developed by experts as you go. You’ll also find sample investigator-initiated protocols in the Resource Center that you can use as a template.
Resource Center
Access well-written samples as well as links to important educational and regulatory information. A list of commonly used forms is also available for download.
Collaboration and Change Tracking Tools
Invite others to review, edit, or add comments to a protocol. Compare prior revisions to current content and see a history of all changes. Go back to previously versions anytime.

Download the Time Saving Sheet (PDF) to see how Protocol Builders eliminate or streamline time-consuming tasks.

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