Introducing the Protocol Builder Resident and New Investigator Program

Develop Research Skills

The Resident and New Investigator Program includes training resources to help program directors fill their training gaps:

  • Observational Research Study Design – live webinar training
  • CITI Program Research Study Design – NEW*
  • CITI Program Protocol Registration and Results Summary Disclosure in – NEW*
  • Literature search, protocol-writing and research project advice articles
  • Helps prepare studies for publication


* Available with 3 year subscription for CITI Program members.

Enable Faculty-Resident Collaboration

Faculty and residents program-wide can use a common tool to collaborate on writing protocols for research projects:

  • Online tool available 24/7
  • Standardize template options include Chart Review, Observational, Repository and Interventional templates
  • Faculty can create starter protocols to share with students for them to edit
  • Needs Review List alerts users to section changes in the protocol that need to be reviewed
  • Commenting options including in-line editing with before/after comparison and Commenting Tool.

Support compliance with IRB requirements

Templates, content and tools to help comply with IRB requirements and lower IRB support needs:

  • Section guidance and sample content for all templates has been CIP and IRB Director review – now updated to reflect Revised Common Rule guidance.
  • Standard protocol templates need to be followed – sections cannot be deleted or changed
  • Protocol dashboard and section completeness indicators drive 100% completeness of protocols*
  • Resource Center content supports understanding of regulations and protocol writing – including the recent Revised Common Rule.



* Hollis, S., Irvine, K. “Can technology tools improve the protocol-writing process?  A Proof of Concept Study by Ascension Healthcare System”; August 2018.

Proof of Concept: 85% less IRB support costs

Read about Ascension Health’s proof of concept study results – 85% less IRB support costs and 100% protocol completeness.