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Discover Outstanding Research Learning & Protocol Writing Technology


Already in use at top medical libraries, residency programs, and research groups, Protocol Builder® can be a valuable addition to your library’s collection of e-resources that will support your research, research education, and health science programs.

Saves Time & Effort

Protocol Builder streamlines the writing process, so investigators can write better quality protocols in less time with less frustration.

Promotes e-Learning

Writers learn as they go through standardized templates, built-in best practices, expert tips, and a robust resource learning center.

Supports Research Publication

Strong automated citation/reference functionality and the ability to import from RefWorks and EndNote helps enable research publication.

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Key Learning & Time Saving Features

Protocol Builder is a secure cloud-based application available anytime, anywhere on desktops, laptops, and iPads. It offers a rich set of learning and time saving features.

Automatic Set Up
Sections are set up automatically based on protocol type with 16 templates available. Users can get help determining protocol type and if an IND or IDE application is needed.
Time-saving Tools
Advanced tools help users add references, tables, appendices, abbreviations, and glossary terms, and then create those sections automatically at the end of the document.
Expert Guidance
Best practices and expert tips related to each section are built into the application. Users can also view simple instructions and examples as they go.
Reference Library Integration
Protocol Builder can import reference libraries, including RefWorks, EndNote, and Mendeley, to support the development of publishable research.
Robust Resource Center
This research learning center includes protocol samples, links to educational and regulatory information, and commonly used forms, which can be added to a protocol.
Collaboration Tools
Users can invite colleagues or supervisors to review, edit, or add comments to a protocol. The can also compare changes and accept or revert back to previous revisions.

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